Platform Issuing Permits


Permit purchase

Data entry in the form

The first step in issuing a new permit is to enter your data, in particular:
  • Permit details: Specifies the rate and the days of validity of the permit.
  • Personal Information: Enters the identity of the user of the permit.
  • Unit data: uniquely identifies the unit to be associated with the permission.
All fields are mandatory except the Email field. The Permit Start Date must be specified in the format day / month / year. Clicking once with the mouse pointer on the Permit Start Date field should bring up a blue window showing the calendar The Place of birth and Place of residence should be selected from the selection field (drop-down list). As soon as the relevant Province is selected, the municipalities selection field is activated showing the municipalities of the selected Province. In the case of non-Italian Place of birth or Place of residence, simply select [Estero] from the Place of birth or Place of residence field. If Place of Birth or Place of Residence is not in the list provided, simply select [Not Listed] from the Place of Birth or Place of Residence field. Once the entry phase is complete, press the Next button to move on to the confirmation phase.

Confirmation of data

The confirmation page resumes the data entered in the previous form. It is important to check carefully that the data entered is correct at this stage as it is the only time where you can go back to the entry phase to correct it. f the data entered are incorrect or if you wish to change them, simply press the Edit Data button to return to the entry page. Do not use your browser's Back button. The second half of the page shows details of the fee and payment method. You can then check that the correct fee has been charged and that the total cost of the permit matches what you have requested. Before continuing, please ensure that you have selected a valid payment method (e.g. Paypal). After re-checking the data and selecting the payment method, click on the Next button to proceed with the payment. A message will appear asking for confirmation to continue with the payment. Click Ok to be taken to the next page. At this stage, clicking on the Back or Previous Page buttons of your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) may display an expired page message. This happens because the form data are not being passed correctly by the browser. Always only use the page buttons to navigate through the site.

Payment procedure

This page displays the number of the newly generated permit and proceeds to the actual payment of the permit as specified on the confirmation page. The payment may be made on a page outside the Park Authority's website. If your browser does not allow the opening of external links or has blocked the page from opening as a pop-up, a button will allow you to open the page explicitly. Take note of the permit number for future reference. If for some reason you are requesting a permit that you have already created, you may be shown the following error messages: - If the permit was already created: This order has already been placed. - If the permit has not yet been paid for: To view the permit, the payment phase must first be completed This prevents you from paying twice for the same permit and recovering an order you had already submitted.


Upon returning from payment, you will be automatically redirected to the permit view page. This page shows all the details of the order placed and the permit-specific authorisation codes. The codes are uniquely associated with the type of permit and your unit. To view the printable version of the permit, the one that will be required at sea, simply click on the icon  or on View Printable Version. The printable version of the permit is in PDF (Portable Document Format) and to view it correctly you need an application for viewing this file format. To view the file, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from this page:


To enable you to retrieve your permit data, you can open the Permit Search link in the action menu. You will be asked for your name, unit ID and the permit number you were given after confirmation of your order. By entering the correct data and clicking on the Search button, you will be taken to the print page of your permit. If the permit had not yet been paid for, you will instead be taken to the payment page to finish the procedure.


For any need concerning the operation of the website you can send an email to For general information you can contact the Park Authority structure on this page Public Relations Office (OPR).